Blessings For A Woman’s Heart Box of Blessings


Take in the promises of God one at a time when you read from theĀ Blessings For A Woman’s Heart Box of Blessings each day. These bite-sized Bible promises will sustain you through your day.

The Box of Blessings, with its tightfitting lid, is decorated with promising pink blossoms set against a Robin’s egg blue background. The title is presented in bright pink foil in a multi-font design.

The blessings, taken straight from Scripture, on the front of each of the 50 double-sided cards will hearten your heart. The front of each card features a Robin’s egg blue background grounded by a flowering branch. While the fronts of the cards hold Scripture, the backs, decorated with flower designs in opposing corners, are intentionally left blank for you to use. You may choose to use the cards to make notes, keep a diary, or write an encouraging message and give it to a friend. Some themes covered by the cards include quietness, rejoicing, strength, God’s love, God’s faithfulness, and much more.

The small Box of Blessings is a compact way to cycle through biblical principles and can easily fit in a backpack, car console, or be left out on the coffee table. TheĀ Blessings For A Woman’s Heart Box of Blessings will be a welcome stocking stuffer at Christmas time or a sweet add-on to a birthday gift.

  • Robin’s egg blue background with flowering blossom design
  • Each box shrink-wrapped
  • 50 double-sided cards
  • Back of the card has space for notes
  • Card size: 3.39″ x 2.24″ (86 x 57 mm)
  • Box dimension: 3.8″ x 2.7 x 1.1″ (97 x 69 x 28 mm)

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