Blessed – Luke 1:45 Purple Tulip Large Portrait Gift Bag with Card Set


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Encourage and celebrate a woman of faith that has inspired you with her devotion when you present her gift in the Blessed Purple Tulip Large Portrait Gift Bag with Card Set.

This remarkable gift bag features a captivating dark background adorned with vibrant painted purple tulips delicately held up by elegant green stems. A bold black band in the center of the bag sets the stage for the sentiment, elegantly printed in gold and encircled by a captivating border of gold and purple.

The two side panels of the bag mirror the striking design of the front, with the black border artfully dividing the composition. On the back of the bag, the black band proudly displays the Scripture reference written in gleaming gold-foiled words.

Light purple satin ribbon handles and coordinating tissue paper are included to enhance the overall aesthetic, adding touches of lighter colors to the design. Moreover, a carefully crafted blank card is thoughtfully included, featuring a similar captivating purple floral design, but this time it is set against a contrasting white background. The card is paired with a matching dark purple envelope to complete the ensemble.

This generous-sized gift bag is perfect for presenting a variety of delightful surprises, whether it be a pair of shoes, a cozy fuzzy blanket, a fashionable sweater, a pickleball set, or a treasured collection of books.

Let the enchanting floral exterior of our Blessed Purple Tulip Large Portrait Gift Bag with Card Set provide a sophisticated backdrop to your special gift. Share this remarkable gift bag with a sister, mother, aunt, neighbor, or friend who has mentored you and encouraged your faith to grow.

  • Purple tulip design set against dark background
  • Gold-foiled text
  • Blessed is she who has believed
  • Luke 1:45
  • Matching blank card
  • Tulip design against white background
  • Gold-foiled text
  • Blessed
  • Luke 1:45
  • Large portrait gift bag
  • Purple satin ribbon handles
  • Two sheets of light purple tissue paper included
  • Card size: 6″ x 4″ (152 x 102mm)
  • Gift bag size: 13″ x 10″ x 7″ (330 x 254 x 178 mm)


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