Morning by Morning Softcover One-Minute Devotions


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Experience the profound and practical insights of Charles Spurgeon, the revered “Prince of Preachers,” through the Morning by Morning Softcover One-Minute Devotions. This delightful paperback volume presents 366 simple yet deeply spiritual reflections that will enrich your daily life.

The cover of this paperback edition showcases a vibrant scene adorned with blooming branches and a charming little bird. Inspired by chinoiserie, the design exudes cheerfulness. The eye-catching title is prominently displayed in large white and yellow letters.

Inside the book, the text is elegantly printed in a rich, dark brown shade. The captivating design from the cover is replicated on the presentation page and each monthly page. In addition, it is also used as a decorative band that runs across the top of each page.

Each entry within this devotional includes a date, title, Scripture verse, and a concise yet profound devotional passage.

Discover how the insights in the Morning by Morning Softcover One-Minute Devotions can anchor your soul in God, equipping you with the strength to face the challenges of each day.

The Morning by Morning Softcover One-Minute Devotions makes an ideal companion for daughters or daughters-in-law, offering guidance and support through the demanding moments of daily life as they raise their families. Consider adding the Morning by Morning Softcover One-Minute Devotions to your Christmas gifts for all the women in your family this holiday season, infusing the festivities with a meaningful spiritual touch.

  • Perched bird with yellow and white flowers cover design
  • White and yellow title
  • Softcover
  • One-color interior
  • 366 devotions
  • 400 pages
  • Size: 5.4″ x 4.3″ x0.8″ (137 x 109 x 20mm)


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