Faith’s Checkbook Brown Softcover One-Minute Devotions


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Discover comfort and inspiration through the 366 uplifting devotions in the Faith’s Checkbook Brown Softcover One-Minute Devotions. Based on the timeless teachings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the renowned “Prince of Preachers,” these succinct devotions demonstrate that each promise in the Bible is a valuable check issued by God. By personally endorsing and embracing these promises, you can receive the abundant blessings they represent.

This lightweight volume features an elegant chocolate brown cover embellished with a beautifully intricate tone-on-tone UV-varnished design. The title is prominently displayed on a brown band, elegantly rendered in white lettering.

Inside, the text is printed in a rich, dark brown shade, and the presentation page at the front showcases the same intricate design as the cover. Additionally, this captivating design is repeated on every monthly page and is also used as a decorative band running horizontally across the page edges.

Each entry within this devotional is accompanied by a date, title, Scripture verse, and a brief yet profound devotional passage.

Experience the daily infusion of God’s promises into your life with the Faith’s Checkbook Brown Softcover One-Minute Devotions, serving as powerful deposits that will enrich your personal bank of faith in just a matter of minutes.

Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas gift, the Faith’s Checkbook Brown Softcover One-Minute Devotions makes an excellent present for a son or husband who may not be an avid reader but desires to deepen his faith and understanding. Supplement a birthday or Christmas gift with the remarkable Faith’s Checkbook Brown Softcover One-Minute Devotions and bless the man in your life.

  • Brown cover with UV-varnished design
  • White title
  • Softcover
  • One-color interior
  • 366 devotions
  • 400 pages
  • Size: 5.4″ x 4.3″ x0.8″ (137 x 109 x 20mm)


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